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India: Killed 9 people, to hide in order to be saved. He was sentenced to death

The court in the city of Warangal and sentenced to death 24-year-old for the murder of nine people, including a three-year-old boy. The killer killed his companion, and then his family to cover his tracks, in the run-up to the first murders.

According to the magazine “The Hindu” Sanjay Kumar Yadav is indifferent when reading the judgment by the judge in Warangalu, in wschodnioindyjskim state of Telangana. The process concerned the murder of nine people in the night from 20. on the 21. May in the village of Gorrekunta.

Less than three months prior to the 24-year-old man from the train Partner Rafike threw the заморочил means nasennymi. Her body was found.in the vicinity Tadepallygudem, in the state of Andhra Pradeś, where there is a separate process in a murder case

Sanjay Rafike, learned, worked in a factory as a canvas pockets, where they cooked food for the workers. Become to live together. According to the magazine “The Times of India,” the 37-year-old woman briefly caught tourist with their 16-year-old daughter.

The state’s attorney Mokila Satyanarayana sting has determined that Yadav decided to kill Rafike, as she wanted to insist at the wedding. Agreed – driving in his home village, and the bride’s present to the parents. In the street there is a 24-year-old man Rafike pushed with short.

To guess the worst, relatives Rafiki began, asked the tourist, what happened to the woman.

If you are threatened, report the disappearance to the police, Sanjay decided to eliminate her family the daily said the newspaper “The Times of India” the state’s attorney.

On the evening of the 20. May Killer poured a sleeping agent into the food to six family members of Rafiki, and the three employees of the facility, with which you can dinner, or destroyed. If you are bored and threw it in an abandoned well in the vicinity of the plant.

The latest victim of tourist was the three-year-old Bablu Alam.

Sanjay Kumar Yadav admitted popełnionej crime.

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