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Pandemic koronawirusa. Nationwide, free-oxygen-devices. Sasin: Full lockdownu plan [NA ŻYWO]

In all regions of the country is slowly coming to an end, free oxygen devices available, and remained in the hospitals to a third-her covidowych. The Polish government plans, however – at the Moment – full lockdownu with the prohibition to leave the house: such Information was in the RMF FM Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sasin. “It is important that the restrictions went so far as to destroy Poland’s economy,” he said. Yesterday we noticed in Poland, the tragic shooting of a pandemic: within 24 hours, 18 showed 820 infections koronawirusem, and died in 236 patients Covid-19. Number of confirmed in our country, infection of SARS-CoV-2 is approaching the 300-thousand, and the number of dead is already 4 851. The most important information in connection with pandemic koronawirusa in Poland and in the world, we will show you our regularly updated, a report of the day!