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The French Prime Minister: telecommuting is not an Option, but an obligation

The French Prime Minister, Jean Castex confirmed the introduction of Friday lockdownu on the territory of the whole country, that he was the day before President Emmanuel Reebok Stadium. He added that for the recovery it will be possible to leave the house only for an hour and just go to the km.

Quarantine, National introduced since midnight from Thursday to Friday throughout the country and on Martinique, but not to the exclusion of all other overseas territories of France where the epidemic is not spreading as quickly. Valid up to 1. December.

All citizens need to isolate and stay at home, stressed Castex. Leave the house without these restrictions, you can only use for professional purposes, go to the doctor or to the pharmacy to do some shopping, for important family reasons or force of judicial judgments, and administrative.

You Wear Your the certificate can be justified to the exit from the house, contains detailed personal information, the purpose of the publication and time.

Schools, creche and a Kindergarten are open, but with stricter guidelines for sanitary, – said the Prime-Minister; student at the age of 6. Years old, wearing masks.

Koronawirus. France leads the monthly lockdown

Koronawirus. France leads the monthly lockdown

Universities are closed. Can happen in them are only practical exercises, which you can organise from a distance.

The Minister of education, Jean-Michel Blanquer reported that 61.5 thousand schools to remain closed today, 27 educational institutions that, in his opinion, testifies to a low level of infection koronawirusem in the schools. The school is a safe space – the Minister emphasized.

The Prime Minister-the Minister recommended to the companies and institutions in the transition to Remote work wherever it is possible. Telecommuting is not an Option, but an obligation she said present at the conference, the Minister of labour Elizabeth Bourne.

Many shops are closed, as well as Bars and Restaurants. Customers can shop Online, which will be delivered to your home, the Prime Minister said.

Closed cinemas and theatres. Open Parks, gardens, beaches and forests, however, remains,.

We are aware, as a consequence, economic and social introduction of the quarantine, the national the Prime Minister said.

Quarantine is a serious blow for all companies (…), I think, in particular, about the 200 thousand companies, forced in the morning – the Minister for economic and financial Affairs, Bruno Le Maire said.

Promised to support up to 10 thousand. Euro per month for companies with up to 50 employees. In the case of the tourism, Events, culture, Sport, even if the company will not be closed, to benefit from this compensation, if their sales fall by more than 50 percent.

The Germans injected lockdown. Merkel: we Need to take action

The Germans injected lockdown. Merkel: we Need to take action

At the time of the quarantine, the Minister, the new solidarity Fund pledged in the amount of 6 billion euros. In General, the state support of business of 15 billion euros, should lockdownu, which at the time of the monthly.

In the case of government bonds, state-owned, are guaranteed “new deferral of repayment by one year,” promised Le Maire.

We want to have a response to the concern of the entrepreneur, the fear that will not be able to return the money. He was able to postpone the repayment for another year. (…) Caterer, florist, the seller, the need to be able to your poręczonej government loans in March 2021 to wait until the year 2022 – said Le Maire.

Health Minister Olivier Véran, and assured that the government will increase the number of beds in hospitals for patients with Covid-19, but also in the intensive care unit. Promised, the introduction to the life of the so-called White Plan, in particular, move some of the operations in hospitals.

Castex promised that the government is aware of the analysed loosen the epidemic indicators for further decisions in respect of the maintenance or the restrictions.

Unofficially: the Minister of health wants the closure of schools and shops, car parts