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The head of the EC: we have Some restrictions too quickly after the first wave of the pandemic

We appeal to all Europeans and they took care of themselves and others, – said President of the European Council, Charles Michel, after the end of the special video-conferences leaders of the allies over the pandemic koronawirusa. The head of the European Commission, and Ursula von der Leyen, said she, in turn, that the Virus can suppress the health care system.

We are one because we are all in the same boat. It is a serious crisis, the second wave, which is testing us again – the head of the European Council said.

Ursula from the Leten turned on his part, the attention to the serious Situation of the hospitals. The Situation of health care in the EU very seriously. The number of infections grows, the number of hospitalizations is growing. Also, the number of victims grows, thankfully, so fast, because we understand better today how to patients with Covid-19 and disease. The spread of the Virus to suppress would not system our health if we act now – the head of the European Commission said.

So, as it turned out – so it is important that the cooperation between the member States.

Von der Leyen promised that EC provides € 220 million, so that the transport of the sick Covid-19 between the member Statesif it must be. Has promised that his organization starts, it is also a platform for experts to share information about the pandemic.

The Commission has also been working on the approval at the EU level, rapid tests, antigens. In the plans the launch of a pilot programme for the European Form of the localization for the passengers and enter it in the whole of the EU until the end of the year.

Von der Leyen application called for using the bulk Download that the detection of contacts with people who are positive. As reported, in the case of the application of the three countries, so that they exchange information with each other, but also to work with a dozen of the other, so in the near future.

Also drew attention to the fact that the shortening of the trip, when they are not needed. After the first wave (pandemic) slept, we have some limitations to quickly. It is not just about the journey, because in the last few weeks and tonight we have talked about that we have many different resources that are the key to the number of infections at a low level stressed von der Leyen.

As you said, the liberation from the Virus and the maintenance of the reduced number of infections, to a time where the company acquires immunity through vaccination.

We need to be very careful when it comes to lift the restrictions and to keep in mind that the most effective Instrument as is the case with us, that is, how we conduct ourselves. This mask, this distance, avoidance of enclosed spaces with poor ventilation – she emphasized.

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