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The Italian Commissioner: pandemic Situation dramatically

The Situation of the pandemic in Italy is in a certain sense, “dramatic”, “koronawirus is power,” – said on Thursday the representative for questions of the health crisis, Domenico Arcuri. The Italians demanded to вывихивали only if it is necessary.

On the day, as recorded 217 subsequent deaths and more than 26 thousand. new infections, warned of the extraordinary Commissioner: If the curve of infection should continue, the current figures do not, no health system, let alone Italian to survive.

At the press conference, Arcuri has reminded that on 7. October, daily growth of the infection amounted to more than 3600, a week later, 7 thousand UAH., and in two weeks, more than 20 thousand.

The EU Commissioner expressed the opinion that, depending on requirements, further restrictions, but above all, a sense of responsibility of citizens.

There is a need for further renunciation, we all should move as little as possible. Up to 80 percent. Infections in the family happens, but someone brings the Virus home – said Domenico Arcuri.

He pointed out that in today’s time koronawirus “circulates less and less in schools than elsewhere in the country”.

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