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The perpetrators of bestial attack in the Church in nice is an illegal immigrant from Tunisia! He came to Europe about Lampedusę

The offender is a bestial attack in a Church in nice, in France, the 21-year-old illegal Tunisian immigrants. According to sources in the French police, he came to Europe via the Mediterranean sea, together with other African immigrants. We will remind that he killed off in the Basilica of Notre Dame in nice for three people, which he tried to the head.

According to French sources in the police, this Tunisian Islamist Terrorist came first, together with other African immigrants off the Italian island of Lampedusa. Click only less than a month old, came to France. Its identity was confirmed by the Italian police.

The striker lives in the Moment, in the hospital, where he underwent surgery. After the murder of three people, including two women, at the age of about 70. 40. Years – in the Basilica of Notre Dame in nice of the police was shot.

His latest victim tried to escape, but they died because of the wounds. According to sources in the ambulance, her last words were as follows: “tell my children that I love them”.

The Terrorist repeated: “Allah is great!”, if you took him to the hospital. Question, if the doctors allow it.

The French government on Thursday announced that the state of the highest degree of the terrorist threat throughout the country. Prime Minister Jean Castex stressed that the risks of the next terrorist attacks in the country. President Emmanuel Reebok Stadium announced that four more thousands of soldiers will protect the Church in France in connection with the upcoming All saints day.

We Express our deep solidarity with France and mourn after the act of cruelty in nice, he said in a reply to the attack of the Polish foreign Minister Pawel rough. “We will never accept that extremism and terrorism threatens our freedom and our values,” wrote the foreign Minister in Twitter.