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The train was 240 km without stopping. Be Hijacker “catch”

Train, in which the man is a suspect sat in the abduction of three-year-old girl, on the orders of the police to 240 km drove without interruption to the planned stations. As it turned out, a COP obławą on the “kidnapper” has a dispute.

The news Agency PTI describes the Intervention of railway police at the beginning of the week in the city of Lalitpur, in północnoindyjskim state of Uttar Pradeś. Woman, living in the vicinity of the railway station, reported the abduction of three-year-old daughter. The kidnapper was trains, with the child in one of the.

According to a story by the post of the head of the captain of the M. M. police officers and the footage of cameras on the platforms were Running. The suspect sat with the child in the car, Rapti Sagar drove in Bhopal in the location, Madhja Pradeś.

The police officers decided to have a Hijacker in Bhopal 240 km from Lalitpuru is located. But between the cities of nodes in Jhansi’t believe in an important railway, where the suspect could go.

The train at the command of the police has to stop the entire distance without, and the man with the child a long time ago in Bhopal. During the survey it turned out that the kidnapper was the father of three-year-old girl and before that a fight with my wife. The woman admitted that she knew who was the “kidnapper” of the child.

According to the government of India in the year 2019. it’s ok will be reported. 105 thousand to the abduction, police found approximately 95 thousand. Up to 66 percent. the prisoners were the children.

This statistic is just the tip of the iceberg – evaluates for PAP Shailaja of the Central Committee, which for several years in the fight against the trafficking of children, the expenses of the investigation for non-governmental organizations in India and Nepal.

There is no reliable data, because these cases have been reported. It happens that parents, mostly fathers, sell the children into several year-old girl, for work in the big cities, such as care at home or in Prostitution – he adds.

The Organisation World Vision India, the estimated number of women and girls in brothels are sold from 70 thousand to 3 million.

This is a funny story, but the woman is such a possibility could scare. During the epidemics and economic crisis, we have more of such cases – evaluates.

According to the news Agency PTI, the parents of the three-year-old girl were ordered by the police.

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