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UN warns of pandemics still groźniejszymi as Covid-19

Without the “seismic changes” in a joint battles with infectious diseases, the subsequent pandemics of the world are persecuted more often, faster to spread, to damage the economy more and kill more people than Covid-19 – warn international experts on the Forum of the United Nations.

Escape from an era of pandemic is possible, but this requires changes to the seismic approach from reaction to prevention – say the researchers.

Published on Thursday the report is based on the work of the intergovernmental platform for science – -Political Department of biodiversity and functions of Ecosystems (IPBES). They focused in particular on the degradation of nature caused by a pandemic.

The danger is growing fast, say the experts, under the auspices of the UN platform for more than 130 governments, the issues of the environment. Every year, humanity faces a more than five new diseases, the cause potentially of a pandemic.

Covid-19 at least the sixth pandemic since the great flu pandemic of 1918also known as the ” Spanish flu noted in the development of 22 experts.

Experts pointed out that a new disease has its roots in the microbes, which, due to unclean animal, as in the case of a pandemic. It was a trip napędzała is, however, the activity of the people.

The activities of the people, the causes of climate change and the disappearance of biological diversity, raises the risk of a pandemic the impact on our environment. Changes in the use of the earth, the expansion and intensification of agriculture, unbalanced, trade, production and consumption, which destroy the nature and reinforce the contact between wild animals Dr. Peter Daszak, Executive Director of the workshops IPBES explained.

According to the experts, the risk of a pandemic can be significantly reduced, a major concern for protected areas and restrictions on the activities of the people, causing the loss of biological diversity. This, in turn, reduces contacts between wild animals and animals, but also people who help the spread of new diseases.

We have more and more ways to prevent pandemics. (…) Our approach, however, was basically Stagnation. So far, we rely on the tests of the containment and control of diseases, after with the help of vaccines and medicines. We can get away from pandemic-era, but it requires a lot more focus on prevention and not just reaction Daszak, who is also Chairman of the EcoHealth Alliance-non-governmental organization, the people, animals and the environment from infectious diseases.said

From the expert’s report shows that the economic consequences of a pandemic are several hundred times higher than the projected spending for prevention. How do you currently use in mammals and birds have been discovered approximately 1.7 millions of unknown viruses. 850 thousand of them, potentially, the infection could.

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