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Unrest in France. The subsequent attacks by Islamic radicals

Afghan is armed with a knife, was arrested in Lyon in Central Eastern France. According to “Le Figaro” the man was a radical Islamic. In Avignon, in turn, the police a man yelled out and shot, “Allah Akbar” and tried to attack passers-by.

Source-AFP news Agency reports that the striker of Lyon “had the intention to take measures,” and the incident was qualified as “serious”. “Le Figaro” reported that he was born in the year 1994, Afghanistan was regarded as a radical islamist. He was known to law enforcement authorities. His arrest seems to be zapobiegło the next tragedy, – reports the edition on your Website.

A suspect arrested on Thursday morning in II quarter in the middle Lyonwhen in the vicinity of the tram stop and brandished a knife. He wore dżelabę and military jacket. After several phones from local residents, the police arrived at the scene and arrested the man.

The attack also came in Avignonin the area of Montfavet. According to eyewitnesses, by a weapon, the attacker tried to passers-by attack and screamed “Allah Akbar”. A patrol of the police shot rubber ball to, but he still tried to attack police officers. Therefore, it was decided, on the use of weapons missions – striker died as a result of the injury.

According to sources of “Le Figaro”, the striker from a mental health problem had in the past. In the vicinity of the accident site to a hospital with a Department for the mentally ill.

Event in Avignon, while the national Anti-terrorism Prosecutor’s office, reported “Le Figaro”.

On Thursday morning, the storm occurred, and the dagger in the Basilica of Notre-Dame in Nice in the South-East of France, as a result, three people died and several were injured. The perpetrator was shot and injured by the police, the detainee and in a hospital.

The attack with a dagger in nice. There are victims, one of the perpetrators cut off the head