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A collision with the ship container ship. The Polish captain to be dismissed walked out of the prison

The Polish captain of the container ship Maersk Launceston dismissed was released from prison. On Tuesday, the Greek Navy collided with a ship in the vicinity of Piraeus.

Clash of the container ship with war ship. The Polish captain arrested

The captain was interrogated by the public Prosecutor’s office. Then he could back to the ship. As COR Radings, the representative of the owner of the ship, the German lessor JT Essberger reported, Pole, remain to, “with him, it was possible to further negotiations”.

The personality of the captain is not disclosed. Was officially due to negligence and violation of the international rules for the prevention of the conflict led to the Maritime accident”.

Radings stressed great experience and professionalism of Pole.

He added that on the premises, a representative of the company, whose task is the support of 22 persons of crew of the Maersk Launceston is.

The company also offers legal interest of the captain of the ship. If in the further Details of the accident are unclear Radings said.

A collision between a 15-year-old, floating under the flag of Portugal move to fast container ship chamber and the Greek destroyer minutes Callisto occurred on Tuesday morning at three nautical miles from Piraeus, the main port and in the vicinity of Athens.

For a long time at about 70 km, Callisto has been severely damaged, and two of the 27 persons on Board slightly injured.

The Navy and the coast guard immediately began the rescue operation, which brought victim to the hospital, and the ship was towed to the naval base in Salamis.

According to Greek media, the destroyed poop Callisto had been, and the ship was almost cut in two halves”. Damage is not so severe that the vehicle repair is likely to be able to.

Area of 266 meters long container ship can not leave port. The shipowners said that the preliminary inspection revealed no damage. The ship was on 8. October from the port of Manzanillo in Spain. After Piraeus was wrap in Canakkale in Turkey.