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Crisis of onion in India. Hijacked truck with 25 tons of vegetables

In the middle of the crisis, the onion wholesalers with Koczinu in Kerala lost a truck with 25 tonnes of this vegetable. The police began the search after the precious goods in several States. The authorities in India to consider seriously the problems with the bow, whose shortcomings have already led to the fall of politicians and governments.

Mohammad Siyad said, the thing onions to the police a month after the disappearance of the Transport of 25 tonnes that was to get him out of the state of Maharashtra. Within six weeks, the prices for onions rose from the protection of 30 rupees (approx. 1,6 Rbl.) up to 80 to 100 rupees (about 4.25-5,3 USD) per kilogram.

The price was already very high, and in today’s time, 5 million rupees (265 thousand UAH. Rbl.) the daily newspaper “Hindustan Times” said. The entrepreneur is suspected of initially cooperative fraud in agriculture, the delivered sheet, but a supplier sent him a photo with loading. The main suspect keralskiej police a driver who is in hiding.

The police conduct a thorough investigation, in cooperation with the relevant departments of neighbouring States. In the opinion of the staff of the onion on the black market. Vegetables was enough of a precious commodity in the whole of South Asia, that on Thursday, on the border of India-Nepal peace smugglers with the police. In combat, wounds four people, including two policemen, and wounded in the head smuggler.

The Indian authorities and the policy understands the importance of the bow for the social peace of the country. In the elections of 1980. named after I. Gandhi, “cebulowymi”, thanks to the consuming vegetables, Indian National Congress won. 1998. The Indian people’s party (BJP) lost power in local elections in Delhi, if the price on the day of the vote, Luca reached 50 rupees. To pay after 15 years on a post of the Prime Minister-the Minister of Delhi, Sheila Dikshit have power, if they paid to be dissatisfied with delhijczycy 80 rupees per kilogram.

Political curse, the onion, and the government of Prime Minister Modiego before the local elections in the important state of Bihar. To risk, the government, the diplomatic conflict, Bangladesh, ban the Export of onions, and in the last few weeks, has introduced restrictions on the purchase for wholesalers to limit speculation and storage of goods in warehouses.

The entered restrictions, the strike is causing wholesalers in Lāsalgaon, on the biggest market of onion in Asia. Price immediately increased, and the authorities responded with raids tax services in the Central 14 wholesalers.

On Thursday, India imposed a ban on the import of seeds promised, onions and vegetables to bring out of Egypt. The onions need to reach the country before Diwali in Hinduism, an important holiday, by the way, this year in mid-November.

Disadvantages onions, an indispensable part of Indian cuisine, monsoon durable, poor procurement, as well as several months, causing ongoing Republican quarantine, which has been trading in the country.

By a pandemic, not enough buyers to “Mandy” (market-wholesalers – -of several months, so that the stored inventories in the warehouses of rotting – the Agency, NONE of the wholesalers said. The Indian Council for Agricultural research (ICAR), it is estimated that 30 to 40 percent. Harvest in India breaks due to improper storage. Only 2 Per Cent. the onion is in cold rooms.

I think that Luca, the prices by 10-15 rupees increase, because the offer will also grow up to Diwali the wholesaler said. For the Indian government, which is good news.

The crisis of onion in Asia. “Nothing, just sit and cry”