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Earthquake in the Aegean sea. The Turkish authorities speak of four victims

An earthquake of magnitude, according to various data, from 6.6 to 7 occurred on the Friday of the Aegean sea and it is felt in Western Turkey and in Greece, local and international geological services reported. In Turkey, the authorities report of four dead and 120 injured.

According to the US geological services the geological service of the USA, the earthquake with a Magnitude of 7 had, according to the Turkish authority for disasters and emergencies AFAD – 6,6.

“In this Phase, we received information that the six buildings were in Bornovie and in the province of Izmir Bayraklı,” he wrote on Twitter, Turkish interior Minister Süleyman Soylu. Environment Minister Murat Kurum reported over the five destroyed buildings, but also several people under the rubble.

A short time later, the Lira Agency, AFAD, – quotes Agency Reuters, said that as a result of the upheavals have lost the life of at least four people, another 120 were injured. One of the fatalities drowned themselves.

Reuters reported, citing witnesses, that at the time of the earthquake, the people flocked to the streets of the city of Izmir on the Turkish Aegean coast. TV TRT Haber photos walącego building in the centre of Izmir. Earthquakes along the Turkish coast of the Aegean sea and in the area of the sea of Marmara. Ali Yerlikaya, Governor of Istanbul, where the earthquake also said, it is still not recorded damage.

The epicenter was about. 17 km off the coast of the province of Izmir in Western Turkey, and the source of the tremors was at a depth of 16 km, said AFAD. According to the USGS, the earth shook, in a depth of 10 km, and the epicenter was located 33.5 km from the Turkish coast.

The inhabitants of the Greek island of Samos – about 45 thousand people were asked to stay away from the coast. There was a “mini-tsunami” and damage to property – informs AFP with reference to the Greek television ERT. Element caused the collapse of the walls in various buildings and in the port of Samos.

It was a mess, I’ve never experienced before (…) at the Moment, we have no victims in the people. Some buildings were damagedin particular, the Church in the port of Karlovassi
– the Deputy mayor of Samos said.

Earthquake was also on the island of Crete and in Athens.
The epicenter of tremors was located 19 km from the island of Samos.