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Earthquake in Turkey. 17 people, more than 700 injured

At least 17 people were killed and 709 wounded in Turkey due to the earthquake on Friday in the Aegean sea – Lyra, the Agency put forth for civil protection AFAD. On-site, in the province of Izmir, rallies help.

At the Friday kick-off up to a Magnitude of 7 on the Richter scale the collapse or the damage of 17 buildings, is causing, as well as a large wave pływową, swept the Turkish coast. At least one of the victims, it is gone.

Around the worst places in the room for a total of 2 thousand people were placed in tents.

Shock-induced damage, such as in Turkey, as well as on the Greek Islands. On the island of Samos, two teenagers, crushing заваленная wall died.

Although earthquakes in the Region occur regularly, on Friday was a great shock of years. The last strong earthquake recorded in the year 2011, the city of Van in the East of the country killed more than 600 people. 1999. an earthquake of magnitude 7.6 near the city of Izmit, which lasted more than 17 thousand victims.

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