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the best cheats of 2020

Royale High hides some secrets that you probably don’t know. These are the best tricks that you should try to win free diamonds.

Last updated on October 30, 2020 at 1:33 am

One of the video games that has caused quite a stir in the past few months has been Roblox.

And it’s no less, that’s incredible Multiplatform game gives you the opportunity to step in and explore unimaginable worlds completely free.

In addition, you have the option to create your own virtual worlds, play classic role-playing game, fight against wild beasts, enjoy fascinating races and endless categories that will enhance your gaming experience.

Best of all, thanks to you Crossplay system You can play with your friends from different platforms, whether on PC, mobile phone or Xbox One.

However, at the beginning of a game, the hardest part is choosing one of the universes. That’s why we’re going to talk about it today Royale high, a card with a large number of diamonds on which you can buy clothes, accessories, cars, wings and much more.

These are the best royale high tricks and cheats for this 2020 year

And just like that Get diamonds It’s important inside the server, upgrading is also important. So this time you will know everything Royale high cheats and best cheats of 2020 enjoy certain areas, acquire exclusive clothing and skills.

Next, you’ll see the Easier tricks to level your way up quickly in Royale High that you can apply every day.

It is recommended that you create one Daily routine so your character level Level up in no time and get diamonds and chests in the process.

Sleep every 45 minutes

This can be one of the easiest tricks, all you have to do is go to your room and lie on your bed and this will do it Resting character and regaining energy.

With this method, you will be rewarded with experience and the best of all that you can Apply it every 45 minutes (the real world).

Royale High Trick Sleep every 45 minutes

One of Royale High’s most relaxing tricks to level up is sleeping

Have all the books in my backpack

A map of the Role play styleYour experience will increase Every time you take classes at Royale High School.

That’s right, you can improve the experience of any activity you do in school and most importantly Carry all available books in your backpack.

This last trick will help you level up faster in the game.

Have all the books in my backpack

Try to have all of the books before entering class for a greater reward

If you don’t know how to do it, we’ll show you in simple steps:

  • Go straight to your locker.
  • Select all of the available books.
  • Enter the classroom with a full backpack.

Eating out at Royale High School

Attend the school breakfast and interact with your classmates Class is one of the tricks to gaining experience in Royale High.

While it may seem like a waste of time, it actually gives you a certain experience not to be missed.

Step into the dining room and choose a favorite dish, meet people and start conversations. The longer you chat with friends, the higher the chances of winning rewards.

If you are one of those who love meeting people, this might be the perfect time.

Take English courses

One of the classes that will manage to raise yours Very quick level of experience in Royale High is “English”.

To get it, you just have to go to the salon and visit one of them. Many players get discouraged by incorrect answers. However, the card will still reward you for your participation.

Take English courses

English lessons can help you advance at Royale High

To do this, you just have to sit in one of the available seats and at the same time a series of basic selection questions begins.

Click on the answer you think is correct and voila. Of course, if you have Basic knowledge of English It will be a lot easier to answer and the experience will be even bigger.

Enter art class

Other highest rewarding activities within the school Royale high is take part in art class.

To do this, you need to enter the room and Choose one of the available canvases. Wait a few seconds for the sketch to appear and start painting.

Enter art class

Show off your artistic skills and get fantastic rewards in the Roblox game

The drawings are very easy to make. Most of the time, you should try to make one like the one shown on the model, keeping colors and shapes in mind.

To make the activity more interesting The system gives you 110 secondsThe faster you do it, the better the experience will be.

Be part of the Royale High Band

As in all schools Royale High has a music room full of instruments. Every time you use the musical instruments – regardless of the order – you get a specific experience.

If you use them all, the reward will be greater.

He belongs to the Royale High Band

Hit the dance floor and show your best move

Another who Royale High Cheatsand especially in the music room Dancing on the dance floor for 2 or 3 minutes.

When you do this you will see your account increase.

Be a master pastry chef

The Baking course or Cooking classes is another way of Gain experience at Royale High.

It is only required to attend the class respecting the entry time as you will not be able to attend the class if you arrive late Class A.Hence the experience will be very little.

Be a master pastry chef

Remember not to be late for your culinary arts class

Well, to do the activities, it is very easy when you come into the room Choose one of the jobs that is available and click “Start baking”Follow the cooking instructions and wait for your reward.

Take sports classes

The Physical education are one of the best royale high tricks. Here it is possible to win the race without having to complete the track as you always finish first.

Once the class is available, click on the option “GO”.

Physical education

If you take exercise classes and use this trick, you have a better chance of advancing at royale high

That movement leaves you at the beginning of the track, the trick is to Once you give “GO”, do the track. and only walk halfway then come back and climb the tower on the right at the beginning of the trail (where the bell is).

Wait at the top of the tower and wait for the race to start. The countdown is displayed. If you get to number 1, you have won the race.

We hope this New royale high tricks can help you gain skills, Chests and diamonds on the way.

Apply each of them and tell us if the trip was easy.