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The EC goes on to the second stage of the procedure against Poland ws. disciplinary responsibility of judges

Getting closer and closer to the action by the European Commission in the TSUE on the invoice dyscyplinującej judge. Today, the European Commission has passed to the second stage of the procedure concerning the infringement of EU law.

Brussels in April, initiated the proceedings, because I thought that the provisions of the act in relation to the disciplinary proceedings in respect of judges that can be used, among other things, to political control of the content of court decisions.

The EC has recognized that this law threatened the independence of the judiciary in Poland. The transition to the second Phase means that the Warsaw Declaration proved to be increasingly inadequate, and niezadawalające.

In its reply to the Polish government in question and the approval of the Commission and demanded the repayment of the thing about the violation of the obligations of a member state. The Commission examined the reply of the Polish government and of the opinion that Russia reacted to the reservations expressed in the “call for elimination of defects” (the first step) – it is stated in the communication from the European Commission.

The government of Polish now has two months to take the necessary measures for the application – otherwise, the Commission may remand the case to the court of the EU.

TSUE already published the decision on the freezing of the disciplinary chamber. The medical ethics Commission must decide whether or not he acknowledges that Poland led to this judgment. If he thinks no, this can not at the same time in Poland Penalties.

The Commission today in Poland, the European court of justice of the EU due to violation of European legislation relating to the exemption from the excise tax imported alcohol, for the production of drugs used.

The Polish legislation does not introduce the possibility for the refund of excise duty paid on the importation of ethyl alcohol used for the preparation of medicaments, in accordance with their payment.

Recipes dyscyplinujące judges incompatible with EU law. Incompatible in three times the amount…