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The recording of the infections in the United States. More than 90 thousand cases koronawirusa in the course of the day

In the United States, a record registered in the number of cases koronawirusa – in the course of the day, it reached 91 290. As a result of complications in connection with Covid-19 1021 people died.

In accordance with the received on Thursday evening, local time, according to estimates by the University of a pandemic recorded a total of 228 dead 636and the number of infected increased up 8 million 943 590.

And the newspaper “New York Times”, citing its database, reported that cases of Covid-19 already in the United States, a total of more than 9 million 400 017.

New York magazine points out that the number of new cases grows in 42 States. The most North Dakotawhere more than 5% of the population in Tests for the presence of the Virus a positive result. On the East coast, after months of stable Situation, indicators of the infection sprang up, particularly in New Jersey and Rhode Island.

Meanwhile, representatives of the state bodies, the need to prepare for the distribution of the first doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 to 15. November, are worried because of the lack of Federal funding.

As stated by the newspaper “the Washington Post”, the authorities of the state are obliged to meet the deadline, despite the fact that, most likely, the vaccine will not be approved until the end of this year. Representatives of the state authorities complain of a lack of funds to Finance is a huge and complicated thing.

The ban of flights in 34 countries. In the list, among other things, the United States and Israel

The ban of flights in 34 countries. In the list, among other things, the United States and Israel

It is still not officially known, that the vaccine is compatible for use in the American The Agency for the control of foodstuffs and medicines (FDA). Also, it is not clear how many doses will receive the entire asset.

In spite of the uncertainty of the time-limit for approval of the vaccine and the number of the initial dose, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), appealed to the authorities of the state, with the request that you cook for use in the most important areas of the country. The Advisory group, the CDC has recommendations for the population that must be vaccinated in the first place.

CDC calls for the USA to accept the offer until Tuesday the relevant information, including lists of five centers in your area, the best prepared, and the search for a vaccine. It should be stored at a temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius.

Washington-the newspaper notes that the CDC is the name of the vaccine, such as “A”. The representatives of the industry and in the health sector claim that it will be delivered within the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.