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“We protest against the attack on the rights of women”. Heads of fractions of PE write Morawieckiego

The leaders of the five political groups in the European Parliament, representing the vast majority of the European parliamentarians wrote a joint letter to the Prime Minister-the Minister Matthew Morawieckiego, “we strongly Protest against the unprecedented attack on the rights and freedoms of women” in Poland.

We want to Express our solidarity with the thousands of Polish women and men who went, in spite of the pandemic on the streets of cities and villages throughout the country to protest against the British limitations podważającym their basic human rights wrote the heads of the factions The European people’s party, socialists and Democrats, the Greens, Update, Europe, and the United Left Alliance.

Like you convinced, like other European women, women in Poland have the right to decide about their lives and not be forced to birth, especially when the fruit is deformed, no chance for survival.

The leaders of the five political groups point to the fact that the judgment of the constitutional court ws. Abortion causes serious doubts. The first of them must be disabled, make sure that fell in a time, because of the second wave of the pandemic SARS-CoV-2 each democratic debate seriously.

Secondly, in the opinion of the signatory – “an unjustified restriction of the rights of women who challenge themselves, follow from this decision, because he does not recognize the need to protect the inherent and without the right to the dignity of women”.

The authors of the letter to the Prime Minister-to the Minister Morawieckiego appreciated, moreover, that the decision of the COURT may be in violation of the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the prohibition of the use of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the International Covenant on civil and political rights of the United Nations, whether the Council of Europe Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The leader of the group was reminded that the European Parliament and the European Commission, have already expressed serious concern about the reforms of the judicial system, the Polish government, starting in the year 2015. Basically potępiliśmy taken serious violations of the rule of law in Poland, we began to think about independence and identity upolitycznionego of the constitutional court and, above all, the importance of his decisions – it is spoken in the letter.

As the head of the five political groups in the European Parliament we wish to protest vigorously against the unprecedented attack on the rights and freedoms of women in Poland, the selected area in the middle of the pandemic Covid-19. In addition, we demand Mr. Prime Minister to immediately excited, the questions in this list – completed font.

Have signed him, Chairman of the group of the European people’s party in the European Parliament Manfred Weber, the leader of the socialists and Democrats, Iratxe García Pérez, chair of the group in Europe, Dacian Ciolos, Co-Chairman of the “Green” Philippe Lamberts and Co-chair of the United Left Union, Manon Aubrey and Martin Schirdewan Update.

The constitutional court ruled a week ago that the recipe for the authorisation for the admissibility of abortion in the case of the high probability of severe and irreversible disorders of the development of the fetus or an incurable illness threatening him life associated with the Constitution.

After the verdict, the TC, the protests in Poland as well as in many places abroad, started, organized, among other things, “strike of women”, which requires in its postulates and, in particular, legal abortion on demand, accessible, and usually contraception “, especially for young people”.

The Strike Of The Women. Alexander Senkevich spryskany Gas. “A group of fascists attacked people”