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In connection with Halloween in the world of thousands of tons of pumpkins are wasted

In the world in connection with Halloween, every year thousands of tons of pumpkins, the to consume rather than to come to the dump to spend, reports of the Institute for the protection of the environment. In Poland, the scale of this phenomenon is not known, but the cultivation of pumpkin is growing from year to year.

Halloween it is a custom that is celebrated in many countries Evening 31. October. Especially popular he is in the US, UK or Canada. In the Polish custom of this wandered in the 90s. One of the symbols of Halloween wydrążona and from the inside, glowing pumpkins is.

Institute for the environment – national research Institute, which showed what are some examples of the UK and the USA, that only on the Islands in the Halloween time marnowanych is normal. 8 million to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The Institute explained that in the UK, with uprawnianych 10 million to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant – 95 percent. developed, later on, the lanterns in connection with Halloween. So marnowanych this is normal. 18 thousand tons of pumpkins.

The pumpkin is the Queen of autumn Wallpapers

The pumpkin is the Queen of autumn Wallpapers

Investigations on the Islands show that 40 per cent. the consumer buys Pumpkins for carvingand 60 per cent. you have admitted that the chances of uses, for example, of the consumption, you simply raise.

Added that a similar trend prevails in the United States, where most of the produced annually 900 thousand tons of pumpkins will be destroyed instead of being used as food or a place, such as on animal food.

And how it looks in Poland? The Institute acknowledged that it is still not known how many of the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl in our country is on the landfill. It is noted, however, that each year increases the production, and the pumpkin more and more frequently, consumers bought.

The Institute called on the data in the CIS from which it follows, that in the year 2018. in Poland, fields collected pumpkins with 71 thousand tons. In The Year 2017. it was 45 million. Tons.

IOS he added that the production of pumpkin is not more than 1 percent. The total volume of vegetables grown in Poland. The greatest demand is in the area of Halloween.

The Institute stressed that the waste of pumpkin is only the Emission of money in the garbage, but also the negative effects for the environment. IOS with the Department of energy of the United States pointed out that the pumpkins to decompose all the requirements of a landfill emitting methane, which is next to carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.

The Institute turned to be aware of to shop. Think about how you bought a pumpkin, so that as little as possible came later in the trash.

Poland on Halloween, mostly to buy Pumpkin Consumers. However, you should a pumpkin pastewną or decorative, buy this hodowaną on the seeds, the so-called. Pumpkin oilseeds – there is less flesh, so that less and less we forget – showed Sylvia Dr.-Ing. Labem with IOS.

The representative of the Institution added that there are dozens of recipes that you can prepare from pumpkin healthy lunch. Waste pumpkin should throw in the composter or in the Bio-waste. If that’s the case in the Bio-waste, then later they can be converted together with similar waste into Biogas, which is used, for example, to produce electricity.

However, we recommend you, for a conscious and limited use of this valuable vegetable for decorative purposes. Keep in mind that each of our decision-making as a consumer, have an influence on the state of our planet – She stressed the Elbe.

Organization of the United Nations food and agriculture organisation (FAO) reported that in the world every year 1.3 billion tonnes of food is thrown away suitable for human consumption, a third of the food produced. According to the banks, food, in Poland, we lose about 9 million tons of food per year.