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In this game you simulate “tricks” on a skateboard by throwing your mobile phone in the air

The risk to the integrity of your phone by throwing it in the air has never been more justified than with this game.

Last updated on October 31, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.

We can find a thousand and one utilities for our smartphone. It is our tool for study, work, social communication, information and entertainment.

In this last section we even look at cell phones, the main aim of which is to co-conquer video game lovers bespoke processors to improve the gaming experience at the highest level.

The game we’re bringing you today does not require the most advanced features in terms of processor or graphics, But there is another strange factor that caught our attention.

Is about Skapp, a video game that proposes us Turn our smartphone into a skateboard. Yes it sounds like that.

After all, throwing the cell phone into the air out of boredom has taken on a new dimension.

Table control via smartphone

With Skapp you can turn your smartphone into a skateboard.

Using Skapp is very easy. Your cell phone is a skateboard and functions as such. When it spins, so does the skate.

When it jumps, the scooter does the same thing. All this with the sheer movement of the phone thanks to the Gyroscope and accelerometer built-in smartphone.

Of course, it works optimally with the help of artificial intelligence systems that have learned it Identify movement patterns to accurately reproduce them in the game.

The most surprising part of this video game when compared to others of similar operation is that it’s not a game to enjoy on your phone to dry off, but rather The phone acts as a controller for gaming on other platforms.

If everything goes right, The aim is to get it released on PlayStation, PC, XBOX and Nintendo Switch.

In all the backups in which the operation is played is the same. The cell phone is a scooter and we have to finish the story mode various challenges in the form of specific pirouettes or gestures. There are also custom challenges and different levels where you can check that you are up to the challenge mobile scooter Improvement or not.

A danger? for screens

Position of the hands in Skapp

Position of the hands in Skapp.

It is logical that the fear of damaging the screen is there, hence from the development team recommend playing on a padded surfaceThis minimizes any risk.

Despite the fear it might initially cause, say the founders of Skapp not “breaking a screen during the thousands of tests performed”, So we can relax and enjoy this immersive and innovative experience.

Skapp searched for funding through the Kickstarter platform.

The voluntary contribution will be available by November 26th and, by then, will be fully developed.