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Koronawirus in Italy. In the back of the deaths was not long

297 people died last morning in Italy, Covid-19, what is the highest number for several months. Confirmed 31758 following infections koronawirusem – reported in the Ministry of health. The daily number of Tests made is more than 215 thousand.

Balance deaths in Italy since the beginning of the epidemic rose to 38618. The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte expressed hope that the country leaves pandemic in the spring of next year. With reference to the current serious Situation, acknowledged that the vulnerable, the lessons in the schools and assured that they will protect “up to the end”.

Austria provides lockdown

Austria provides lockdown

Koronawirusa discovered so far, with 679 thousand. the inhabitants of the country, whose population is about 60 million. Wyzdrowiało up to 289 million. Malware. Currently, 351 thousand are infected, at least. Man.

In his speech at the Forum, organized by the magazine “Il Foglio”, said the head of the government: “we Believe that we are coming in the spring until the end of this Situation, and we hope that a few months before, we come from the state of the curve of infections.

The number of hospitalized patients has thousands of almost 18. In intensive care units of 1843, lives of the seriously ill.

The most difficult Situation in Lombardy, where the last days are confirmed, about 9 thousand. Infections.

Conte said: The curve is growing so quickly that there is a danger for the teaching in the schools. He recalled that the authorities in some regions there is already a decision on the transition to distance education.
It is not our goal. We are up to at the end of lessons to defend the schools, but we must be vigilant– the Prime Minister said.

About the need to open schools, believes the Minister for education, Lucia Azzolina. In social networks you wrote that you the closure of the leads have paid to an increase in social differences, and the highest price, a lot of money particularly vulnerable. As you pointed out, there are areas where the closure of schools is a Synonym for “give up younger”.

Media reports that the government of Giuseppe Contego is working on further restrictions in response to the other, a violent wave of the pandemic. As the Prime Minister priority, said the maintenance of the open schools. Some regions are already gone, but the Training remote.
One of the considered solutions, the closing of the transactions, with the exception of those with items of daily use, and the re-introduction of the so-called ” red zones in major outbreaks of infections. is In summary proceedings, the government called on Friday for the meeting with the participation of the Advisory scientific Committee.

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