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Megan Rapinoe and sue Bird zaręczyły. Star, led the couple complemented the photography

One of the best in the world piłkarek legs Megan Rapinoe and 11-fold-participants of the all-Stars-game-Basketball-League WNBA sue Bird reported in social networks that zaręczyły.

The 40-year-old Bird is a four-time Olympic champion, and world. This season, the WNBA celebrated for the fourth time,-championship. Again, Rapinoe, the two-time world champion, the Golden медалистка Olympic champion from London (2012), and in the year 2019, was awarded the Golden Ball, the award of “France Football”.

Bird and Rapinoe in the context of three years. Your shared images – one of the first homosexual couples – were in the camp “Body Issue” published by ESPN. Together they fight the social problems, not fleeing from political issues, and are one of the most famous couples in the United States.

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