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Shots in Lyon. An attack on the spiritual

Attack on Orthodox priest in Lyon, France. The attack took place after 17 o’clock, when the priest of the temple castle after the service. As is clear from the relations of the intelligence services, the attacker, the man, the suspect in the perpetrators of the terrorist attack fled after the shots, was arrested in a couple of godiznach.

On Saturday afternoon, the Orthodox priest attacked in the French city of Lyon. The priest was seriously injured and is fighting for life – reported on its Portal Agency, the radio station France Info.

In Lyon, public order, happened to a serious Minister of the interior Gerald Darmanin said. The offender fled the scene, but after a few hours of arrested mężczynę in the cafe in 3. Area of Lyon. The police confirmed that the arrested the perpetrators of the attack.

The whole area around the parish of the Greek Orthodox Church in Lyon was surrounded by the police.

According to the information released by the French TV, the attack took place on 7. in the area in the vicinity of the small temple, attended an Orthodox Greeks, and is located at the intersection of rue du Pere Chevrier and rue D’athenes.

This is another attack on the clergy and the faithful of the Christian churches in the last days in France.

On Thursday, the offender, armed with a knife has attacked on the people in the Church in nice. Three people died and several were injured. French media reports that one of the victims – wife – knife cut off the head.

After the robbery in nice, French Prime Minister, state of the terrorist threat announced in the whole country.

The Ministry of internal Affairs of France reported on Saturday evening on the appointment of an ad hoc Band for the response to emergency situations in connection with postrzeleniem on this day in Lyon of an Orthodox priest.

While in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray in Seine-Maritime, said the Prime Minister, Jean Castex directly after the attack issued a statement in which he stressed that his visit to this town was in connection with the plans of a relocation of additional units of the security services in the regions, especially in the risk of attacks.

Castex promised immediate return to Paris, where, as he said, “expects the complex analysis of a Situation”. You can do it a special group of fast reaction by the Ministry of the interior in agreement with the President Emmanuelem Macronem and Prime Minister. The emergence of such cells in the head of the Department of internal Affairs of Gerald Darmanin confirmed on Saturday evening.