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Slovakia: Huge queues in front of the digits downloads in the Tests on koronawirusa

In Slovakia, points downloads create long queues of people waiting for the implementation of Tests on a SARS-CoV-2. Extended Test began throughout the country on Saturday morning. According to the words of President Zuzany Czaputovej the action ill-prepared.

On Saturday, in the hours of 7 o’clock in the morning, open and close had to be 5 thousand points downloadsbut not all could due to lack of doctors.

According to defense Minister Jaroslav Над’and in the morning in the country, several hundred doctors were missing. In 8, the Minister said, what works 91%. Commands boot loader Material for Tests.

How Slovak media, reports, queues in front of the digits to the downloads queue amount to several hundred meters. At a Position, where Tests will be carried out, without the disembarkation of the vehicles, queue may be more than a mile and cause difficulty in movement.

Slovakia calls for the tests to Covid-19. But the flight leaves a bad date

Slovakia calls for the tests to Covid-19. But the flight leaves a bad date

According to the President Czaputovej surgery especially doctors was ill-prepared, primarily due to lack of medical staff.

Prime Minister Igor Matovicz, Minister of health brands Krajczi at the last Moment invited the doctors to participate in the Operation, in which the content for two days is from 700 to 1100 euros. The organizers of the Tests done 50 military doctors and paramedics to accompany his of Austria and of 200 medical doctors from Hungary.

The participation in this unprecedented Operation, which organizes and leads the military, it’s free, and people with a negative test result need not be reached complied with the restrictions in connection with the getting out of the houses and shops.

Persons in whom the Virus is detected, you must always be on the Quarantine. Those who do not participate in the research, have left only limited possibilities for the house. Such a decision skrytykowała Czaputova, in the knowledge that this Form of sanctions for the lack of voluntary participation in the tests.

The government hopes that the operation can participate in as estimated about 4 million inhabitants in Slovakiawill flock to the disclosure of the infection and isolate the infected people.

According to Matovicza the failure of the project imply the need for the introduction of the full lockdownu in the country would. Glasses downloads are closed throughout the country. 22. On Thursday Tests will also be carried out, from 7 in the morning until 22.00.