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The attack in nice. Third finished

A representative from the French judiciary, said on Saturday morning that on Friday a third Person was arrested on Thursday in connection with the attack in the Notre-Dame Basilica in nice, in southern France, in which three people were killed.

The police said that The third arrest happened immediately after the arrest of the second suspect, who had an attack contact with the terrorist.

Festival the 33-year-old man taken. We are trying to determine his role in this case – has a source in law enforcement agencies.

The first man arrested in this case on Thursday is believed that a day before the attack, the Basilica, placed in contact with the perpetrators of the terrorist attack.

The killer, 21-year-old, one of the Tunisian Brahim Aoussaoui, together with a group of immigrants came at the 20. September, with the boat on Lampedusie and the centre of stay in Bari, in Puglia. 25. October came illegally to France. Four days later, he attacked with a knife on the people in the Basilica of Notre Dame in nice, killed two women and Church.

Aoussaoui, which was shot by the police, is in hospital, his condition is defined as critical.

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