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When it came to Black Friday to Spain and why

Do you know how many years you have money in the Black Friday in Spain?

Last updated on 31/10/2020 at 18:02

Everyone likes a bargain. While we in 24enews, I tend always to warn you about all the discounts and chollos, we found on the internet, the mobile phones, tablets, or other electronic product, it is a date that everyone must sign up on the calendar: Black Friday.

The next day, November 27, we celebrate the Black Friday, a day in which practically all of them with offers and discounts.

Although in theory, and as the name says, it is a celebration of the day (Friday) it is certain that the offers of Black Friday longer every year.

But, as the Black Friday in Spain? When was the first time that we celebrate this day in our country?

You take a Black Friday celebration that is less time than you imagine

How many of you are going to buy a new phone this Black Friday?

November Is Coming. Your E-mail starts to overflow. Offers, discounts, great prices… and all because of the black Friday or Black Friday.

Honestly, it seems that we have an eternity gastándonos money on these dates, but although I don’t believe it, the Black Friday in Spain is a relatively young.

The first time that in Spain is celebrated in a formal way in the “Black Friday” in 2012. Although the day is today a mass phenomenon, and the Spaniards, we spend hundreds of euros on these days, the first time was a little… how disappointing?, since only attracted a few thousands of people.

Fortunately –or unfortunately for our wallets– from the time they started to do strong advertising for the Black Friday and each year that passed, it became more and more popular.

So much So, that according to the data of the last years, and the Spaniards with the Italians, we are Europeans, the more we spend on the Black Friday.

So if you this Black Friday only, the thought to wear to celebrate a couple of years, and especially attentive to the alleged deals.

Research, learn, and above all, do not buy the first thing you see, the Black Friday all is not gold that glitters.