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Appeal of Pope Francis: to Listen, to respect and not attack

Pope Francis said before the afternoon prayer of the angel of the Lord, that, if the world is full of Aggression, the “softness” and the choice of the path of the saints: “listen, to respect and not attack”. During the meeting in the Vatican, he also appealed for an end to the bloodshed in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Before Korea angelus prayer in the celebration of All the saints, the Pope said that It reminds us of the universal call to Holiness, and offers examples for this road, the one in the Evangelical blessing.

The man is soft, he said, are those who “leave the room, the other Person, you listen and respect their way of life, your needs and desires.”

Pope Francis supports the legalization of civil partnerships for same-sex couples

Pope Francis supports the legalization of civil partnerships for same-sex couples

These are people who are not going to ignore someone or to, or to dominate, to impose their views and interests at the expense of others Francis explained.
Then said: In this Moment of life, but also in the world to respect if so much Aggression, and the first thing we need to follow on the way of Holiness, meekness: to listen, and not to attack.

The choice of purity, of meekness and mercy; trust in the Lord in poverty of spirit and in time of need; commitment for justice and peace, the means against the current, to go downstream of the mentality of this world, against the culture of possession, the entertainment without a sense of arrogance towards the weak the Pope said.

He repeated: Gentleness, please. Meekness, and we go on to Holiness.

Francis said that at the dead Sunday, the fair was celebrated for the deceased in the German cemetery in the Vatican right next to St. Peter’s Basilica. In this way, I am spiritually United with people who go in these days with the observance of hygiene rules to pray at the graves of their loved ones on the all the shinese he added.

Earlier, the Vatican reported that the mass due to a pandemic, will have a strictly private character.

During the meeting with the faithful, the Pope turned to armed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan because of Nagorno-Karabakh, where from the Monday of the third arms is already at a standstill.
Francis said: On this festive day, should not forget what is going on in Nagorno-Karabakh, where armed conflict after the brittle rozejmach, leading to the tragic growth in the number of victims, the destruction of homes, infrastructure and places of worship, becoming more and more mass снастях civil population.

The third break of the ceasefire? Armenia reports about the bombing of the city

It is a tragedy. I would like to repeat my passionate appeal to the leaders of the parties to the conflict, so they took as fast as it is possible to stop the Intervention, the innocent blood translation – asked the Pope.
Francis claimed that the resort to violence and engage in fair negotiations with the international community. Called to prayer in the concerns of a lasting peace in this Region.

The Holy father also prayed for the people in the regions, in Turkey and Greece affected on Friday there was an earthquake.

Earthquake in Izmir. Grew Victims Balance

Earthquake in Izmir. Grew Victims Balance