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Belarus: a warning to the police during a rally. More than 100 prisoners

The police gave warning shots and daily Demonstration to the people during the Sundays “grandfathers against Terror” in Minsk, the independent Portal Nasha Niva and the Russian news Agency, TASS transfers. On the corridor name of Kuropaty, where the thousands of victims of Stalinist repression, came throngs of people, despite repeated Intervention of the security forces. The protesters called on the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko for the care.

Sunday-March in all saints, Stand under the Motto “grandfathers against Terror”.

The participants of the meeting in Minsk reached a tract of Kuropaty, where the thousands of victims of Stalinist repression.

In Куропатах each year, the opposition organized celebrations in the region of all saints and the day of remembrance of the victims of Stalinist repression, the celebrating since Wednesday in the independent anniversary of the murders in 1937. more than 100 representatives of the Belarusian intelligence.

In recent years, these shares were not very numerous, but this year многотысячное parade under the Motto “grandfathers against Terror” was in the sharing after the election of the President 9. August protests, whose participants are demanding the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko. According to independent portals a lot of people were on Sunday in Куропатах for the first time.

Independent photo reports in the media published on the protesters placards with the inscription: “kept In our hearts there is no fear”, “why close the borders, shut your mouth” and “put pressure on, even without hands”. It is the last password, with reference to the words Lukashenko that “if someone is to touch soldiers, at least, should go without hands”.

The centre for human rights “Wiasna” announced the names of 107 detainees in the whole country, with part of it published already.

Among the detained was, at least 5 journalistsand one of them is the Russian correspondent, which has already been published.

The remaining four TV Journalist Biełsat Zmicier Soltan and three journalists of the magazine “the New time” – are in the prisons. According to the Portal Nasha Niva Soltan, and one of the correspondents of “Our time” were beaten. Soltanowi took the camera and phone.

The Belarusian security services broke up the columns of demonstrators on Kuropaty. There are many arrests and also zagrodzono gave access to the.

In spite of the obstacles on the part of the services, the protesters arrived at the site through the field. Hundreds of people were flowers and candles flared on the cross. On both sides of the track, which became the Central cross of the go-Live. The audience, rozpostarte white-red-white flags, the medium used independently.

The protesters sang songs, including the Belarusian Version of the “wall” Jack, I. качмарского.

Press Secretary of the Minsk police Natalla Hanusiewicz the news Agency Interfax-West, who were detained several people gave. She added that no information about the preventive shots. In an interview with the Agency RIA Novosti, the police confirmed, in return, put there with the aim of “the prevention of a violation of the right”.

Belarus is the first reactor of the nuclear power plant launched

Belarus is the first reactor of the nuclear power plant launched

To listen according to the independent mass media in Minsk, and the explosions of the grenades hukowych was, the security forces also used tear gas. The Agency TASS writes that the force, the POLICE gave warning shots, when the column of demonstrators went to her chain.

Witnesses claim that in the vicinity of the subway station Moskovskaya in the city arrested more than 10 people.

According to the Website Tut.by several people were detained in Grodno. Protests took place in other cities: Grodno, Mogilev or Pinsk.

Media reports about problems with using the Mobile Internet.

From the 9. August in Belarus, take the protests against falsification of results of elections, according to official results, Lukashenko won by 80.1 percent. Votes.