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Belarus: police released warning shots during the meeting in Minsk

The police gave warning shots and keeps people during the Sunday Demonstration, in Minsk, reported the independent Portal Nasha Niva and the Russian Agency TASS. Officially reported on several detainees. The protesters are demanding of Alexander Lukashenko to take care of.

Press Secretary of the Minsk police Natalla Hanusiewicz the news Agency Interfax-West, who were detained several people gave. She added that no information about the preventive shots. In an interview with the Agency RIA Novosti, the police confirmed, in return, put there with the aim of “the prevention of a violation of the right”.

The Agency TASS writes that the force, the POLICE gave warning shots, when the column of demonstrators went to her chain.

Witnesses claim that in the vicinity of the subway station Moskovskaya in the city arrested more than 10 people.

According to the Website Tut.by several people were detained in Grodno.

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