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Dressed in medieval costume” was attacked with the Katana. 2 people died

At least two people died in a terrorist attack, which occurred on Parliament Hill in the old town of Quebec, Quebec, Canada. Five people were injured. The 24-year-old prawca was arrested. Takes his interrogation. At the time of the accident the man was dressed in a medieval costume, took advantage of the Japanese sword – Katana.

Dwudziestoczterolatek, dressed in medieval costume” again and again “, has attacked numerous faces, sharp dagger”. In the hands of the police a man came in front of the Business-center-Business-Espace 400e – according to the canadian media.

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During the press conference on Sunday morning, the chief of police of Quebec, Robert Pigeon said that “personal motives” of the attackers known, “likely not connected with any terrorist group,” and the victims were random. He added that the Situation indicates that Attack was aware of and planning required. Answering questions of journalists Pigeon confirmed that five years ago, a man who commit a resident of the city of Quebec, Quebec, Canada, which had originally, say from the Northern suburb of Montreal, to what is in the concept of such an act. But, and this information to the police previously was not, yet the striker was not known to law enforcement authorities.

The offender was stopped by police about 1 h arrested in the night (7 PM in Poland). As said Pigeon, all of the victims, the attackers are residents of the old city of Quebec, Quebec, Canada,, two of them have been in Quebec from France. The names of the dead are not yet known, because the police are not yet in contact with the families. Five people who survived the attack, has cut “a serious wound”, but your life is not in danger.

The inhabitants of the old city of Quebec, Quebec, Canada, is the capital of the French-speaking province of the same name, the service assigned to their homes not to leave and circumvention of Parliament Hill, where the historical residence of the Parliament of the province, where the attacks were.

The striker had to come to the place in his car, then on foot. The police alerted around 22:30 local time, if you safe the first victim, the second serious ranioną victims found on the street on the street of the Remparts, the neighbors found. The detainee by the police, the man wore in medieval costume”, attacked with the Japanese sword, the Katana. The police is currently conducting an investigation into the cars and 25 persons in connection with the events of last night.

The chief of police in Quebec declared that the questions about the ideology or about the reasons for the founding of the striker “medieval costume” are part of the investigation. Not even the question of whether the statements of the detainee непротиворечивы is not known why the man chose the city of Quebec is answered.

However, the mayor of the city of Quebec, Quebec, Canada,, Regis Labeaume, canadian cities, he said, was a debate on the subject of mental diseases. The negotiations have been going on for some time by the authorities of the 20 largest canadian cities.

This is a Problem, to manage the increasingly difficult. The police begins with the execution of the activities in connection with the social services Labeaume said. The Vice-Prime Minister of the province of Quebec, Genevieve Guilbaut she added that the issue of mental health was “much too long to forget”, but is a growing Problem in large cities.

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