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Earthquake in Izmir. Grew Victims Balance

“To 51” Balance “the victims of the earthquake in Izmir, what happened on Friday of this province grew” – filed on Monday, the Vice-President of Turkey Fuat Oktay. He assured that the Service will continue. Rescue workers warn that reduce the chances of a living person.

In their assessment, under the rubble, maybe even more than ten living. On Sunday in the world man degraded under rozwalin, spent under the rubble more than 33 hours – according to the Turkish media.

Vice President Oktay told reporters that, having regard to the protection of dogs, rescue workers in the debris, the occurrence of sought is currently, after eight houses; on Saturday evening a total of 12 other territories studied.

The affected beats the city in Bayraklı Izmir showed up right next to the. That is exactly where the large material destruction and losses in the people, came to the French news Agency AFP writes.

On Saturday evening on the site of the tragedy, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was. According to the Turkish leader, at least 885 people were injured in the result of Friday’s shocks.

From the ruins of several houses, the ruins were on Friday reduced at least 103 people, the wounds they have, but they managed to survive – the leader of the Turkey in his Saturday speech in front of the cameras of television. Mined also several dead bodies.
An earthquake of magnitude 7.0 occurred in the province of Izmir, and the nearby Greek island of Samos in the Aegean sea on Friday about h 13.51 PM local time (15.51 h in Poland).

The epicenter was near the town of Karlovasi on the island of Samos, and the source of the shocks (the hypocenter) was at a depth of 16 km below the surface of the US reported intelligence seismological service of the geological service of the USA.

In Izmir since Friday, the effect of Service stops. Not it przerywano in the night, lasted all day Saturday and Sunday. Most of the victims are inhabitants of the Turkish city of Izmir, but also died two people on the island of Samos. It comes to young people, the wall walącego building broken.

In the face of tragedy, the touches, such as Turkey and Greece, which decided two countries, the growing over many months pass, and the promised to help each other in the face of tragedy, writes the AFP news Agency.

The rescue operation is underway in very difficult conditions since the earthquake have been registered out of a total of 400 aftershocks, 30 of which will be the oscillation with a Magnitude of 4.0, said on Saturday the Turkish Agency for civil protection Afad.

In the action of the rescue of a thousand rescue workers, and about twenty dogs, were involved in a total of 4. Rescue teams use special equipment to have at your disposal 475 vehicles.

It is already the second strong earthquake in Turkey this year, – said in a comment to the BBC. Turkish media, the tragic events in Izmir and carried out rescue operation, and fears-don’t hide the fact that the increased seismic activity in Asia minor, leads to the following strong shock naświetlają.

As a result of an earthquake of a magnitude of 7.4, since 1999, 17 thousand of them died. People, including over a thousand in only a Istanbul – reminds AFP. This historical city can also be at risk, said the French Agency.

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