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Images, the “postarzyły” Church. Unusual discovery in Wlkp Domachowie

On the one hand, the scene of the discussion of the bishops is, on the other hand, as a social and angels. For this colorful zacheusze, the crosses, the in the drawn of the places where the Bishop performed the consecration in the Church. is Unusual frescoes were discovered during the restoration in Domachowie already more than two years ago, but only now ended their maintenance. The works of that artist, or artists, it was necessary to open and clean, so that in any way violate their structure. Tasks restorers of monuments of Krakow have taken over, and the opening permits taken Refine of the year, entering the temple in operation. Domachowski Church, it was scientifically proven – more than 650 years, instead of the previously assumed – 450.

Arrival by car from poznań in Domachowa takes about 1, 5 hours. Wooden Church in the center of the village, seen from the route, such as by Krobi and how Gostynia. From the small wooden churches, in connection with the landscape of Polish villages, old wooden temple in the country is a different shape, size and Material. For him, the construction of which was, because of oak firewood. Constructors, although so far not known – you have a huge experience in the architectural, ciesielska and artistic. Not that the experts know how to get it, with the restoration of the Church.

The structure ciesielska – the highest level, and in fact is the destiny of the world. In addition to seeing, in all phases of the equipment, or image, that there were artists of a high class. It amazed and surprised. It is still questions that are of interest to us. Why is this place such a unique piece? explains and asks the priest of the parish in Domachowie O. Paul Minta.

Restorers will be amazed and delighted by the artistry, accompanied by the creators of the rock engravings until about six centuries. The durability of the works, the preparation of materials and method of Fig. testified

These exhibitions, of monuments, with Latin сентенциями, with designs of numerous plant-based, but also with inscriptions. Most of the pigments we have already mentioned, we know what you have taken, and we are sure that it is not any of the first few and poślednia range of decorative is better. For example, all the blue and grey tones resulting from the use of smalty a relatively expensive Pigment, not used often. This is also the Sponsor or the workshop of the painter proves, based on the following materials Vasily Klyszcz, a restorer from Krakow, who work together with the Team, the restoration resulted in Domachowie explained.

The workshop then the Creator also demonstrates the way the placement of the paintings. Someone is very contrived, because this is clearly zespoić with.

You need a lot of imagination, plastic surgery, and, in my opinion, not Regional, and primitive hands, also, but nonetheless, “Johnny”, just someone who is definitely more into the topic of integrated, aware, not coincidentally, the ideas that entered between these fields between the poles, and each has its own scene, and the contents of the Bible. Even the pillars, which in turn refer to its location, the temple of the large format, also for the temple of ancients, because it is the two-storey colonnades – adds Basil Klyszcz.

The work of your team began in the Domachowie in the year 2017. In the course of which, it turned out that the Church holds many secrets. The first of them was the so-called bar, rainbow, discovered in September 2018. Printed on it is an inscription in the Latin language, allows, in particular, to decipher the initials of the founder of the temple, but also a specific date. Today, for the construction of the temple datowano to the year 1568. Thanks to the discovery of known that in 1369, so 199 years ago, it was in the year.

Carriers of the rainbow is one of the main beams in the Church, where you will find all the information about the most important transformations in the Church. (…) Unfortunately, this bar is destroyed, the signature of the Creator. – explains one of the restorers of the Pacific ocean Roztworowski of the Academy in Cracow. I worked 8 years ago in a very old Church, but this monument is, in any case, older and more valuable is adds.

The work of the restorers was on the cleanup of the case and its protection against destruction. After the removal of the wooden wall that hides the image, it turned out that over the years under the “crust” lived, in particular Martens, left, after a lot of dirt. After completion of the work – the facial features of the figures depicted, and the colors can be clear, were przyozdobione. Despite the fact that the work is one of almost seven centuries. How is it possible that the colors are preserved? Bozena Klyszcz Explained.

Open the frescoes called Biblia Pauperum Domachovensis. Events from the life of the Church, but difficult to implement in a broader context. Specialists provide the knowledge to this topic, and still analyze the data. In the course of the centuries has not survived, but there are no translations of the historical, nor the local Chronicles, which could contribute to the many hitherto unknown secrets of the Church. Their investigations on-site have led archaeologists on the territory of the municipality found many sensations social.

You can say that here at the Church has worked – not in this Form as it is today, but in the Form of a prototype local agricultural cooperative, the rights of the knights and of this capital formed the basis for the existence of the new social structure, a new class called hortulanami from the Latin hortus – garden. For such a small HOMESTEAD with gardens, not to support the enough to the family, and all of them were forced into this property. Everything is hung so that it worked well. These scientists explain the abundance of this place, but also the wealth of the founder, who could afford such a “giant”, when it comes to the province of – explains Paul O. Minta, Recalling a theory that explains the emergence of such a large, such as in those times the churches in such a small community.

Apart from the fact that in the village an unusual temple is Domachowo the heart Bisupizny is. One of the world’s smallest enclave folklorystycznej, which includes some of the surrounding villages. In the parish house next to the wooden Church, the members of this community meet on a regular basis, take the guests and the work, in particular, the characteristic music.

The promotion of this unique monument, I invite you on a journey back in time many centuries to the sources of our personality. – puentuje O. Minta.