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More than 125 thousand. votes cast in the drive-through. The Republicans want to repeal it

In Harris County, Texas, on Friday to more than 125 thousand. People participated in the preceding vote, in the drive-through. The Republicans want the court, he got these votes, claiming that their involvement would be in contradiction with the Constitution of the United States.

On Friday in Texas in the early vote have participated, it was possible, in the choice of local or dropping of the package Voting for a special occasion. The interest was to record, in several places, queues formed.

In Harris County, which includes, in particular, the city of Houston, more than 125 thousand. the voters have decided their vote in at the time of the epidemic prepared for the drive-through. After examination of the data of the employees in the largest County did so in more than 125 thousand. People, around 10 percent. from previous common participation.

Three local activists of the Republican party formed, however, on Friday Application to the court on the annulment of the committed votes so. In their opinion, it is contrary to the laws of Texas and of the American Constitution speaks.

If the court decides on Tuesday on the invalidity threw in this Form, the votes, the voters of the points, drive-through, you need to go back to the polling station to cast their votes were counted. Many of them – such as celebrating the local press – however, this can not know.

Previously, the government supported the construction of a drive-through are legal. This, as well as the fact that the authorities of the state only allows an E-Mail to the CEC to all district, and all it calls indignation of the University of Texas Democrats. Four years ago you voted for Demokratką Hillary Clinton, won here, and the Republican, Donald Trump 54 to 41.6 percent.

In Texas this year, a record turnout recorded. In the previous vote, more and more people participated, as the voice gave up in the elections in 2016.

A particularly large increase in visitor numbers recorded at the edge of the big cities. The democratic party is of the opinion that this phenomenon and the growing community of people (in most sympatyzująca with this group), allows you to reflect on this traditionally Republican state with 34 votes in favour elektorskimi.

The favorite of most surveys, however, remains, and claimed for a second term Donald Trump.