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Philippines: Supertajfun rushed to go in a country. There are victims

To spare Supertajfun, and is characterized as the strongest in this year in the world of the tropical cyclone, met on Sunday morning in the East coast wysypy Luzon in the Philippines. The authorities are reporting at least ten victims of the disaster. Thousands of people were evacuated.

Supertajfun gray met Hunted in the morning in wyspiarską the province of Catanduanes, is wearing a wind speeds of 225 kilometers per hour, gusts up to 280 – submit to the Agency the associated Press. It is the strongest this year, tropical eddies is estimated the storm of the world – Reuters.

The Element then moves to the West, touching located on Luzonie the province of Albay, and Quezon, and is oriented currently in the direction of the capital, Manila. With the transition to the mainland, the strength of the Typhoon is gradually, but he is still dangerous, warned the Philippine weather service.

Cyklonowi accompanied by fierce winds and heavy rains, which cause Storms, local flooding, landslides, and mud. Many of the villages was podtopionych, you can’t reach on the way to the ground, cut off were also power lines. Several hundred homes were destroyed by dirt and stones.

The Governor of the province of Albay, reported that in lawinach wetlands in the province killed at least four people, including a child. The local civil protection confirmed the deaths of three people, the AP gave. The preliminary assessment of the Central government are talking of 10 dead and three missing in the whole country, writes Reuters.

In the centers of evacuation, the home of about 350 thousand. People who were forced to leave their homes.

How to predict the weather forecasters, on Sunday evening it supertajfun lasts approx. 70 km to the South of zamieszanej more than 13 million people in the metropolis of Manila. In the Philippine capital preventive down the Main hazards to be cancelled-the airport and dozens of flights.

Significantly weaker Typhoon Molave, which visits the Region has caused in the past week in the Philippines, death of 22 people, in the provinces South of Manila. Most of them drowned. Hunting is the strongest cyclone of the time of Typhoon Haiyan, in November 2013. EMS in the Philippines life to escape more than 6.3 million victims of forced and 5 million people.

The authorities warn that in the direction of the coast of this country, another cyclone – Typhoon Atsani, getting bigger and bigger moves.

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