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Small infections in the Czech Republic: 428 11 new cases in the course of the day

11 428 new infections koronawirusem regulated in the Czech Republic, – reported the Ministry of health of the country. There are about a thousand fewer new infections than a week ago. In the last few days because of the Covid-19 104 people died.

Including The Czech Republic since the beginning of the epidemic koronawirusem SARS-CoV-2 zakaziło more 335 thousand. Manwhich only in October to 264 thousand.

The Ministry announced in its press release that the number of active infections is currently 18 8492. In hospitals 7673 patient is in a critical condition 1137 is located. These figures are growing steadily from month to month. At the end of September, thousands of patients in hospitals.

According to the latest data, in the Czech Republic on Saturday killed 104 peoplebut this number uściślona is only after the lunch. Data on Friday showed originally 121 people to death, ultimately reported, however, that on 30. October killed 176 people, that self-Service is a record value since the beginning of the epidemic. Because of the Covid-19 in the Czech Republic of 3251 people were killed earlier total.

On Sunday for the first time in the country, the prohibition of the activities of the branches. Only pharmacies, gas stations and shops in railway stations and airports open. An exception is made for shops and kiosks where you can buy flowers, oil lamps and other items to the cemeteries in all saints.