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The attack with a dagger in Quebec city, Quebec, Canada. The perpetrators, dressed in medieval costume”

At least two people were killed in an attack with a dagger, and entered on the Parliament Hill in the old town of Quebec, Quebec, Canada. Five people were injured. The offender was arrested.

The perpetrators, disguised attacked in medieval costume a couple of times, many people sharp dagger,” said Radio-Canada.

At least five people were injured, two died, – stated in the telegram. The police have not confirmed these data say canadian media. In the next few hours the official communication from the police on this issue, it is expected that the BBC writes.

The inhabitants of the old city of Quebec, Quebec, Canada, is the capital of the French-speaking province of the same name, the service assigned to their homes not to leave and circumvention of Parliament Hill, where the historical residence of the Parliament of the province, where the attacks were.

Photos in social networks show that the police tightly surrounded, the place where the attacks were. Your theme still remains unknown.