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The Italian community is free from Opi koronawirusa. No case of infection

Opi is a small town in the Italian Region of Abruzzo was at the local authorities, the municipality, free of koronawirusa. In spite of the large influx of tourists in the summer because there is no case of infection was.

It is one of the few municipalities in the Region that can boast that the Virus could not get there with the beginning of the pandemic. With a population of about 400 inhabitants of the city, where the monuments of antiquity and the middle ages, as the pearl of the national Park of Abruzzo and one of the most beautiful in Italy.

Here we have a natural distance, because we are a small village. But I must say that it is not an infection of the merit of the inhabitants, the rules and behave cautiously – mayor Antonio Di Santo said.

Carefully and in accordance with the requirements of the hygienic safety of the tourists have arrived in the past few months, behaved. There were an average of 2 thousand per day. Almost all the time the two campsites, two Hotels and a boarding house were full.

Before the start of the summer season, the local authorities imposed a strict security Protocol in and around the village information boards along the way for beginners with recommendations and requests with respect to the highest vigilance.

All of this has led to locals and tourists remained resistant
– the mayor has noted, the Italian media quoted.