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The oldest extant sermon in the Polish language. “This proves the consistency of all saints”

“Sermon on all saints ‘day” (In The Omnium Sanctorum) with the middle of the XV century, is one of the oldest surviving sermons in the Russian language. The Original is in the library Kapitularnej in the Czech city of Prague.

The Text of the sermon in Polish translation of the Fragment of the gospel of Matthew is preceded by the blessing.

This is the constancy of all the saints proves – says in an Interview with Krzysztof cat priest Dr. Martin Vysotsky from the Catholic University of Lublin.

Exactly the same Passage of the gospel read today, in our days, the feast of all saints – explained. As noted, even the sins, of which there are in the XV century in Kazan, it is always the same. The author mentioned about pijaństwach in zajazdach that it would be possible to transfer it to the present time – emphasized. According to the Professor, the whole appeal of this text is the fact that he is very versatile. We have here a transition in the course of the centuries, and the same content. You can get different language were written, related to different reality, but deals with the rights that are timeless – Priest Dr. Martin Vysotsky explained. We are very similar to those from the XV century – emphasized.

Here you will find the entire Text of the sermon>>>