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Armed Japanese sword, dressed in a medieval costume. For more Details, nt. Massacre in Quebec

Attackers in the night from Saturday to Sunday, two people were killed in the canadian city of Quebec, Quebec, Canada, and wounding five others, two charges of murder and five counts of attempted murder.

A 24-year-old man yesterday for the first time in front of a judge. It Karl Girouard. According to media reports, comes with Sainte-Therese, a town in the province of Quebec, located 20 km North-West of Montreal. During the attack, he took advantage of the Japanese sword – Katana, which he wore in medieval costume.

Girouard appear in court again on Thursday – submitted francuskojęzyczny public broadcaster Radio-Canada.

The police in Quebec, Quebec, Canada in the context of a press release that two victims of the attacker, the 61-year-old Susanne Clermont and the 56-year-old François Duchesne isboth were residents of Quebec. Five people survived the attack, which has been cut according to earlier information, the police a “serious wound”. Their life is not in danger.

In time a press-conferences the chief of police of Quebec, Robert Pigeon said that the causes are known, after which the attacker attacked. Pigeon said that A 24-year-old man “rather not be associated with any terrorist group,” and the victims were random. He added that the Situation indicates that Attack was aware of and planning required.

The chief of police of Quebec, he has also said that questions about the ideology or about the reasons for the founding of the striker “medieval costume” are part of the investigation. It is not known why the man chose the city of Quebec. Answering questions of journalists Pigeon confirms that five years ago the man was saying in a “medical context”, and that he intends to commit such an act. The police was not informed about it. The striker had no criminal record.

Before the murder took place in the historic centre of Quebec, near the Chateau Frontenac in the night from Saturday to Sunday. The offender was stopped by police about 1 h arrested in the night (7 PM in Poland). The striker had to come to the place in his car, then on foot. The police alerted around 22:30 local time, if you safe the first victim found on the street, the second victim on the street of the Remparts, the neighbors found.

Dressed in medieval costume” was attacked with the Katana. 2 people died