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Koronawirus. The number of infections in Europe exceeded 10 million [NA ŻYWO]

The number of infections koronawirusem in Europe doubled within five weeks and more than 10 million on the mainland. The head of the world health organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus reported that fell in the quarantine after contact with an infected Person. The British government is of the opinion that the lockdown of the location, transferred to the beginning of December. Basic information about the epidemic in Russia and in the world you can find in our special relationships. The article is constantly updated.

Within the last few days in Germany 12 097 infections koronawirusem registered said Friday night., The Berlin Institute. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Died the next 49 people.

Overall, since the beginning of the epidemic in Germany confirmed 027 545 cases are koronawirusa. In this country, 10 were killed 530 people.

This week in power the new limits, which were mentioned in the media in Germany “lockdownem in the Version “light”.

The number of identified infections in Europe koronawirusem doubled within five weeks and more than 10 million, reported on Sunday, the Reuters news Agency. On the mainland, where they live 10 per cent. Population was registered 22 percent. with 46.3 million of all infections in the world.

In Europe, Covid-19 more than 269 million died. Patients – 23%. of almost 1.2 million victims of the pandemic around the world, is one of the Agency.

In the course of the last week in Europe, 1.6 million of the 3.3 million of the world confirmed new infections discovered.

The British Prime Minister-the Minister Boris Johnson intends the members to insure that will begin on Thursday across the country lockdown ends at 2. December, showed on Sunday evening, the Station Sky News.

Johnson said on Monday in the lower house, why it dared to take this step. Such as Sky News, shows he says that “there is no Alternative” for the second lockdownubut also a strategy to protect to understand that in the regional diversification of limitations depending on the height of the infection. Calm is also trying to get conservatives worried words, Gove.

At the end of these four weeks, on Wednesday, 2. In December, we will strive to make the restrictions easier, again a local and Regional level-for the animal System (restrictions), in accordance with the latest data and Trends – says Johnson.

The head of the world health organization (who), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Sunday that he recently spoke with a man who received a positive test result for the presence of koronawirusa. He stressed that feels good and has no signs Covid-19.

The head of the who in quarantine. The contact with the Person was infected koronawirusem

Within the last 24 hours, in Brazil a 10-100 new HIV infections registered cases koronawirusem and 190 consecutive death, reported on Sunday evening local time, the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

According to official figures, since the beginning of the epidemic in Brazil, more than 5.5 million infection Covid-19 diagnosed. 160 074 people were killed.

In the hospital because of Covid-19 lives, in particular, the Brazilian Minister of health, Eduardo Pazuello.