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Merkel on the epidemic: This is an attempt, not the fate of events since the SECOND world war

“This is an attempt, which saw the Germans since the SECOND world war, and of all of us depends on it, that November will be a turning point in the development of the pandemic koronawirusa,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel, motivating the decision of the authorities of the new restrictions.

After the entry into force on Friday, the new health limitations, the chief of the government during a press conference in Berlin expressed the hope that the restrictions apply, as a “breakwater”. The society demanded to comply with the new measures to combat the koronawirusem and limitations of the contacts.

The Germans injected lockdown. Merkel: we Need to take action

The Germans injected lockdown. Merkel: we Need to take action

If the monthly resist, with the complete sequence, maybe, probably, the second wave (of infections) – Merkel said. This means four weeks without many of the things that make life beautiful – added.

The Chancellor asked the understanding of the society, because of the new rules to close during the activity. No one will be left to fend for themselves, without income – has you secured.

Merkel responded to the most recent data on the infection koronawirusem in Germany. Average weekly number of infections is currently 127,8 per 100,000 inhabitants, but we have to get down under 50 infections per 100 000 inhabitants she said. We can not allow the spread of the Virus taken and our health care She stressed Merkel. Of course, the people a little disappointed that it is taking so long to gave you. The autumn came with huge force, and in the winter months for a long time. The light at the end of the tunnel is still far away.

In the spring, many people was modest, so the pandemic was under control. It will be more difficult in the winter months, at least, because much more happens in the houses she added. I understand the resentment, but still I appeal, on the recognition, because we have no other choice. Merkel stressed that believes in the power of reason and responsibility in democracy.

The Chancellor did not want to repot, both in terms of epidemicznym December will look like, and if the restrictions continue to be applied. However, it repeated that one of the objectives of the reduction in the mean weekly number of infections koronawirusem to less than 50 per 100,000 inhabitants.

It is Christmas in the conditions koronawirusa, but it should not be, the lonely Christmas – said Merkel. I don’t think that it is great to celebrate Christmas added.

The German Chancellor and the Minister presidents of the länder agreed on a last week on the introduction in the country to the following restrictions in connection with the increasing number of infections koronawirusa of 2. November.

To be In compliance with these regulations in all public areas in the location, only the members of the two families, up to 10 people. Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, discos and pubs should be closed until the end of November.

School and nursery will remain open, despite the rapid growth in the number of infections koronawirusem. Also, the shops are open need to be, but on 10 square meters can not be more than a customer.