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Prince William went infection koronawirusem. He had breathing problems

The grandson of the British Queen Prince William infection koronawirusem went. British media reports, citing unofficial reports from the environment of the Royal family.

The information came in the media of the vertebral sociable William, and, therefore, unofficial. A spokesman for the Kensington Palace, the official residence of the princely couple, commented on in any way these statements.

Koronawirus in Slovakia. On the first day of the mass-Tests examined 2.6 million people

Prince William koronawirusem to enter was at the same time as his father, Prince Charles. Didn’t want to make this fact publicly, to the British to interfere. After two weeks, returned to health, but not passed the disease without complications. According to media reports, he had breathing problems, which do not require fortunately, the hospital stay. His wife, Duchess Catherine, has insulation in this time together with the children of self.

Father William, Prince Charles, does not still smell and taste, after passing the Covid-19. He mentioned in his recent statements.

Prince William, he has recently on the criticism, after together with swa’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth appeared in public, without protective masks, as well as the players. It is important that all participants of this meeting were subjected to the Test for the presence koronawirusa. Only people with a negative result of the audience were allowed to.

The head of the who in quarantine. The contact with the Person was infected koronawirusem