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“Sausage king” of the murdered bodies in Moscow. Killer used a crossbow

The Russian businessman Vladimir Magurow, was killed by the nickname “king of sausages” in his estate under Moscow attacker took advantage of the crossbow – the Agency RIA Novosti reported. One of the suspects was arrested. The killer demanded that Magurowa money.

The 54-year-old Magurow died in the night from Sunday to Monday. By prior arrangement, offender Ispra broke into his Villa in the vicinity of the city of Moscow. Business tied up man and his wife and asked to show where in the house the money and valuables are located. The woman managed to free herself and flee to the neighbors and call the police. However, if you come to the point business man was already dead.

Killer robbery committed when Magurow and his wife were in the Sauna, located in a separate building, not in a Villa, equipped with security systems. In a residential building, in particular, the mother of the businessman and his son were in that time period.

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In a press-service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow Region announced at the end of the day, that arrested one of the suspects.

Satellite Rossija24, expressed the guess that the attacker used the crossbow, because his presence requires no permissions and is a weapon, a hazardous, should not be included the owner.
Magurow, Magnat meat industry, the nickname “king of sausages”, the man was very rich, the owner of several meat processing plants and retailers.

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