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Shooting in Vienna. Take in a crackdown on “heavily armed” terrorists

Bloody shootout in the centre of Vienna. Two spectators and the striker, but several dozen people died and were injured. Late in the evening, the chief of the Austrian interior Ministry, Karl Nehammer has reported that intelligence services in search of a pair of “heavily armed and dangerous” criminal attack. In an Interview with RMF FM, living in Vienna, the Pole was at the time: “in front of my eyes was to the police officers, the delivery of the tram. (…) The two murderers fled in my district”.

The first recordings were approximately 20:00 on the Seitenstettengasse, where is the headquarters of the Vienna synagogue, and then in five other places.

In the firefight the suspect by the police, was shot, and a random passer-by. In the hospital one of the injured women died.

At the Moment, is still in hospitals 14 injured, including 5 civilians, and a police officer suffered serious injuries.

According to the assessment of the intelligence services who believe the most likely Version of events, speaks about the assassination of the terrorist in the attack, several attackers took.

On video recordings, the social networks visible masked terrorist with a long gun. Such a weapon was found, also resulted in a bullet to the police.

Late in the evening, the chief of the Austrian interior Ministry, Karl Nehammer that furthermore, the search after several “heavily armed and dangerous” criminal attack.

In an Interview with the broadcaster ORF, said that the suspects, keep track of the troops of the Special forces, but also that the overview is not limited to Vienna, because the perpetrators of it “Mobile”.

As reported, the Director-General of police Franz’s reputation, in the surgery are involved with 150 men of a special unit “Cobra” and the 100 local Department of fast reaction “Vega”.

Officials in civil work with police.

A result of the ws. Attacks deal with the criminal police and the secret service.

The Vienna police requested the local residents You avoid public places and public transport. Makes zaapelowały also to the parents, to on Saturday were with the children in the homes.

By Hotline RMF FM Contact us Pole, resident in Vienna, the witness to the shooting.

“It is a tragedy is easy. Before my eyes, struck the policemen, he ran to the tram. (…) The two murderers fled in my district. The police have now announced that we have everything to stay home,” – said in an Interview with us, Mr Alexander.

Immediately after the attack appeared the suspicion that his goal is the headquarters of the Viennese synagogue was.

The representatives of the Austrian Jewish community stressed, however, in social networks, in this time, the temple and the surrounding office is closed.

A spokesman for the police said that is not proven so far that the attack was the connection with the synagogue.

Together with the Austrian police to avoid public places and not using public transport zaapelowało also, the Polish foreign Minister.

Embassy of the Republic of POLAND in Vienna, gave what in the case of threat to life or health, you can contact with the person in charge of the Consul by phone: +43 699 180 70 105.