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The election of the President of the United States. The high prepares participants number of hundred years

More than 93 million Americans zagłosowały already in the early voting. Number of hundred years, is preparing for the largest participants. The enormous mobilization of the electorate on the one hand, and on the other side. This may be due to the recordings on the Internet, but also in front of the houses of the Americans, where you can often find display panel with the support for you. Of course, there are places where more tables with the name Donald Trump and Mick, and activities for you, but also areas where more advertising, Polling, Biden and Harris.

The former US Vice-President is a leading company in the nationwide polls. A survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal gives him a 10 percentage points advantage over a President who is seeking re-election. But up to 12 very important points separating sharp difference between the United competitors, less 6 percentage points.

Although Biden is a leader in the industry, you have to keep in mind that 4 years ago the opinion polls to Donald Trumpowi given no Chance. Also wasn’t the favorite, but because he was President. Probably in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, we don’t know the results of the votes. The counting of votes may even take a few days.

Washington is preparing for the election campaign of the night, the owners of companies and institutions from the outbreak of the unrest, fear. Kill the boards would be. This can be a very hard week in the United States. Window and exposure, be it in New York in Manhattan or Los Angeles.

Elections in the United States is already tomorrow, at 3. November.