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The head of the who in quarantine. The contact with the Person was infected koronawirusem

The head of the world health organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus reported that he is on quarantine. In the last time, because he had a contact with a man who received a positive test result for the presence of koronawirusa. He stressed that feels good and has no signs Covid-19.

I was identified as contact with a Person who has a positive test result. I feel good, and I have no signs of disease, but in the next few days, I started with quarantine in accordance with the protocols of the who, and I’m going to work from home Tedros wrote on Twitter.

It is very important that we all followed the principles of the health. So, we stop the chain koronawirusa, and we defend ourselves against him and the health system he added.

A few days ago, who Director of emergency Dr. Michael Ryan warned that nieśledzenia contacts of infected people, in Europe, in spite of the very high numbers of positive tests on koronawirusa, leads to “dire consequences”.

The infection koronawirusem was found, so far, more than 46,36 million people in the world, and more than 1.19 million people died. Many of the countries constraints to the spread koronawirusa.

That suggests that zakazimy be koronawirusem? The expert explains