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U-Bahn train hung over the water,… and stuck in the sculpture in the shape of the tail, the whale

U-Bahn train in Spijkenisse, near Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, fought his way through the barrier at the end of the path and stopped at the sculpture in the shape of the tail, the whale. Hovered 10 meters above the water, the AP reported.

The accident occurred after midnight on the metro station De Akkers. Company, the the line, reported that the train driver was not injured, and even left the composition, and on the train, no passengers.

As reported, investigated the local authorities, a Team of experts on how you can protect and relieve the train with the construction.

The sculpture depicts two tails of whales sticking out of the water-it is the work of architect and artist Maartena Struijsa. Was placed at the end of the rails in 2002.

Struijs told Dutch media that he was surprised that the design is robust. It is gratifying that, most likely, the life of a train driver saved. Had me introduced added.

The case caused such a stir that the authorities zaapelowały about niezbliżanie for sculptures and reminded you of the relevant restrictions in connection with the pandemic koronawirusa. In spite of this, on Monday morning, the site had around 50 people.

The authorities opened an investigation to explain why the train didn’t stop until the end of the path.