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A Fan of Twitter, the bites rarely in the language. Whether Donald Trump is the move from the White house?

Eviction or four more years in the White house. Today Americans will decide that Donald Trump is still four years, the President of the United States – also the him Biden, Joe.

Donald Trump, born in 1946 into a wealthy family in New York. With this city for most of his life was connected. I explained that she would like, bought the entire island of Manhattan, but without Central Park. The mother of the current President of the United States was an immigrant from Scotland, his father, Fred acquired the assets in real estate.

The principle, which Fred Trump taught Donald Trump, is that you need to be a winner. (Winner) – is a Person who wants to play and win. If this means the establishment of rules, then a rule, and would want others played in accordance with them,” says the biographer, 45. US President Michael D’antonio.

Trump: will Biden “State Prison”. Biden: vote for me, and Trump

In his youth Trump professionally wanted to play Baseball, or to make a Hollywood career. The father took him to the military schoolwhich , as you confessed a few years later the leader of the US – taught him discipline. Then studied Economics Sciences at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. During the stay in the school, he escaped military service in Vietnam. After the completion of the training Trump the work of the father in the real estate industry began.

Starting with the 70s. Century Donald Trump, for better or for worst result, money invested in real estate. Its flagship project was opened in 1983 on Fifth Avenue in New York City skyscrapers Trump Tower. Skyscrapers with the last name Trump emerged and later in other American cities as well as in Istanbul.

In the ‘ 90s. about Trumpie was loud, as he bought the Casino in Atlantic City in the state of New Jersey, as the “Las Vegas of the East coast (United States)”. After initial successes, the Casino fall. The most famous, Trump Taj Mahal, four years ago, closed. The building is empty, the input is the name of the owner away. Trump often means him, your Affairs of bottles with water aircraft to Golf courses, and even government issued cheques, the support of the Americans during the pandemic.

In the ‘ 90s. Trump, the author of the bestseller “the Art of the Deal”, appeared in the Show Business. Brylował in the company of celebrities, and on the front pages of Newspapers, organized the competitions of beauty, for example, Miss Universe. Country-wide popularity caused him, the Reality Show “The Apprentice”, the Americans remembered him in it, the participants often phrases “You’re fired”.

The property of the President is difficult to assess The Republican refuses to disclose tax returns. The magazine “New York Times” reported that by the middle of the top posts in the state within 10 years, in General, no Federal taxes paid, and in 2017-2018 the sum of $ 750 was.

“The machine for almost-accidents”. Joe is the oldest President in U.S. history can Biden

Trump never odżegnywał of political ambitions, but over the years, the site cleverly changed the car between Republicans and Democrats and the party affiliation. Was not established political viewsand the environment conservative zniechęcała his opinion bawidamka. In 2005, married for the third time. His wife was originally from Slovenia, Melania Knavs (currently Trump). At the wedding of the couple, Florida in particular, the former US President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary played.

After the announcement of the year 2015 its Start in the presidential elections Trump appalled his statements was, and the Republicans, and Democrats. He spoke about the construction of a wall on the border of the United States, Mexico, close Hillary Clinton in prison, but also on the recovery of jobs in the industry, the completion of the international trading systems and the tightening of immigration policy. At rallies, a joke from his political opponents, often giving them nicknames on wiwatach lot.

In the primaries, the Republicans won, and in particular, the Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, and Senator Ted Cruz. Slogans such as “Make America Great Again” (“we Are America secured again to a large”), Anti-migration, and the Washington Elite, the participation in the battle of the White house. The liberal media called him the racists and ksenofobem and oskarżały to move in the Salons of populism and isolationism.

During his tenure in the White house, Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris climate agreement, and a nuclear agreement with Iran. Free trade zone (NAFTA led to the conclusion of the North American system; in July force a new trade agreement) and is entered the tariff wars with China. Limited number of U.S. soldiers in the middle East and again, the NATO countries, particularly Germany, asked to expenditure an increase in the defence. In Helsinki, in the year 2018, met with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

If someone wants to know, what are thoughts on current events, Donald Trump, must ensure that his account on Twitter. The current President like this Medium of Social Media and uses it constantly, not paying attention to the fact that some of his records difficult diplomatic.

The achievement of the re-election of the year, the full social upheavals Trump celebrates the password to maintain “law and order” and promises the preservation of traditional American values. This, according to evaluation of the President in danger under the rule of the Democrats. The President even claimed that the elections on the game-it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas.

This year the campaign will be dominated on the epidemic koronawirusathat killed more than 231 thousand. Americans. The President was among the more than 9 million confirmed cases of koronawirusa and within three days in October, was hospitalized. The candidate of the Democrats, Joe Biden turned to the complaint, his opponents, the neglect of the epidemic and said that he was not surprised that Trump the zakaził.

In emits polarized American society, the campaign was just as acute as four years ago. Against the White house in the Wake of the discussions at the meetings not only criticism but also personal attacks spared that. For the victory Trumpowi can be more difficult, than in the year 2016, because the polls are less favorable.

If Trump loses, it will be so, because it is a notorious personality. Has very great progress, but the people tease, not everyone takes this type of behavior to the PresidentThe President must set a good example for children – it is hard to say, look at the Trump – he said in the Morning in an Interview with RMF FM Dr. Zbigniew Левики, amerykanista of cardinal-Stefan-Wyszynski University. As he said, the current US President “goes with the truth, speaks English poorly, in the sense of grammatically, indignant, causing strong emotions, are there serious disadvantages, the decision about his defeat.”

Zbigniew Левики: For Polish better President would be Donald Trump