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Act of terrorism in Vienna. The Demoman worked with ISIS, take a browse

The Demoman said last night opened fire in the centre of Vienna, in cooperation with the Islamic state, on the morning of the conference, the interior Minister of Austria, Karl Nehammer. Three people were killed – two men and a woman. The attacker was shot and killed employees. The police said that it has not acted alone. Furthermore, the search for other terrorists.

On the morning press-conferences the Minister of internal Affairs of Austria, Karl Nehammer reported that the Terrorist was “heavily armed”. He had a belt with explosives. A few minutes later on Twitter, the police reported, however, that the belt was a replica.

Service searched the apartment of the attacker. Not reported, but no details yet, because of the for the sake of the investigation.

Earlier German “Bild” wrote on the Website that the culprit yesterday released a pair of photos in Instagram, including the oath of allegiance Kalifatowi. On a other photo in Instagram with the flag of ISIS.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Austria also urged the residents to opportunity today not to get out of the house. Will be continued, because the summary on the other attacker.

Shooting in Vienna. Take in a crackdown on “heavily armed” terrorists

Terrorists attacked in the evening, six places you in the heart of Vienna. The attack began in front of the synagogue. Witnesses said that the attacker is the fire for the people opened gathered in Bars. From the North, in accordance with the decision of the Austrian authorities, Restaurants in this country koronawirusa were closed because of the epidemic.

Three people were killed and at least 15 injured. The police shot and killed the attacker.

In the evening in the city in a state of panic. The people fled away in panic from the centre of Vienna. Part sought refuge in the Bars and Hotels. Not city traffic worked.

The other terrorists seeking special unit “Cobra” with 150 men and stuosobowy cavalry “of Vega.

Officials in civil work with police. The investigation of the robbery in the centre of the city to deal with the criminal police and the secret service. The police and special forces have the media portrait of a terrorist.

“Al-Qaeda” threatens revenge Macronowi