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“Al-Qaeda” threatens revenge Macronowi

A group of jihadists of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghrebie (AQIM) urged on Monday in the murder of anyone who insults the prophet Mohammed, and threatened to revenge on the President of France Emmanuelowi, quoted by the AFP news Agency.

Kill the one who insults the prophet, it is the right of every Muslim who is capable of, its applications the group of AQIM wrote, in response to the statements by the President on the Macro continues to the publication of cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in France, the President said during the ceremony in honor of national teacher Samuel Pati Potter killed during the terrorist act at 16.

Macro-assured that France in the name of freedom of expression does not deny cartoonswhat a wave of criticism in Muslim countries and antyfrancuskie Demonstration triggered.

On Monday, there were about 50 thousand. Demonstration antyfrancuska in Bangladesh, during which some protesters burned pictures of the President of Macro-and French flags.

A boycott is obligatory, but not enough – You wrote AQIM, calling for revenge, and presented as a Martyr to 18-year-old zradykalizowanego Chechen terrorists of origin, the patient cut him in the sense of, revenge for the representation during the lesson the cartoons of Mohammed.

Books with karykaturami Mohammed will be dealt and students in France