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Dad after the terrorist attack in Vienna: Pretty violence!

“Enough of violence”, called Pope Francis, and the pain expressed, due to the terrorist attack, which took place in Vienna. The Pope’s message published on Tuesday on his Twitter profile. From the Vatican, a telegram sent to the Metropolitan of Vienna, cardinal Christoph scho Borna. “Pope Francis is praying that the violence stopped, and hatred,” says Franz.

On redagowanym in nine languages, including Russian, profile Pontiff opubikowane the following words of Francis were: “I Express the pain and dejection because of the terrorist attacks in Vienna and pray for the victims and their families”.

“Enough of the violence! We build together the peace and the fraternity. Only love can their hatred,” added the Pope.

Vatican Secretary of state cardinal Pietro Parolin in a telegram to the Archbishop of the capital of Austria wrote that Pope “deeply distressed” about the attacks, which “brought death and pain of innocent people”.

Cardinal Parolin, he added that Francis offers his proximity to the families of those killed and the whole Austrian people and pray for the recovery of the wounded.

Dad added his next colleague – “pray to God that violence be stopped and hate that it krzewiona room to live together in society”.

On Monday Evening multiple armed attackers opened fire on six locations in the center of Vienna, including around the synagogue.

In the attacks four people died, 22 were injuredseven very hard. One of the criminals was killed.

In the case of the killed criminals, the long gun, the he also on a vest, which, as has been found to be found – was the grid West wyładowanej explosive.